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Why visit a Jobs Fair?

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Meet employers

Job Fairs are a great way of meeting employers face-to-face quickly all in one place.


Meet HR

You can speak directly with the people in charge of the HR.


Gain experience

Job Fairs allow you to ask questions, get advice, and gain experience in speaking to HR decision makers, all before the important stuff starts, like applying for jobs, and attending interviews.


Gain confidence

Attending a jobs fair, gives you confidence, and experience in searching for a job.



"Job Fairs" also known as "Recruitment Events", "Job Events" or "Employment Fairs" are free to attend for those seeking employment.


Come prepared

When attending a jobs fair, come prepared, bring an up to date CV, look smart, as there will be numerous employers in the room ready to speak to you.


Various roles on offer

There are a variety of industries / sectors that attend job fairs, recruiting for various roles. Providing opportunities for those who just finished school looking for entry level/apprenticeship roles to applicants with years of experience looking to get back into work or a change in career.

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